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    Banman Windows & Doors window installation in London, Ontario is professional, affordable and done with quality workmanship every time. Our expert window installation starts with the products we use. We have multiple suppliers we’ve chosen because of the unique benefits their products offer. Our philosophy on window installation is that not one supplier can offer all the advantages a customer is looking for. That’s why we have researched, and selected the top suppliers for window installation in London Ontario that we feel can meet the varying needs of our customers to any degree.

    Awning Windows

    Awning windows open outward from the bottom making them ideal for spots where windows are higher on the wall than usual. Additionally, awning windows are great for keeping rain from coming in the house while the window is open during windy storms. While these windows require a bit of space in front of them to open, their shape by nature makes them more difficult for burglars to enter or exit through, as opposed to traditional window types. An awning window is usually an excellent choice for of a kitchen sink. I eliminates horizontal or vertical obstructions and opens up you view!

    Bay Windows

    Many customers love Bay Windows for their aesthetic appeal and the beautiful panoramic view they provide. The elegant open styling creates additional space in the room both making the room seem more open as well as brighter. If your Bay Window is located high enough it can be used for a seating nook. Bay Windows with two opening panes are great for bringing a breeze into the house.

    Bow Windows

    Bow Windows, like Bay Windows, offer a great view, provide extra space for seating or decor, and are perfect for bringing a crosswind into the house through optional side Casement Windows. While Bay Windows are often chosen by homeowners aiming for Victorian styling, the curved shape of a Bow Window makes it looks great on any building!

    Casement Windows

    Casement Windows are among the most energy efficient types of windows. Upon closing, the window sash is firmly pressed to create an airtight seal, preventing heatloss during the winter and keeping air conditioning from leaking out in the summer. Their latch system makes them easy to open and close, or be fitted with automatic openers. Casement windows also offer excellent ventilation and lighting, opening up to 90 degrees. If you have your windows professionally cleaned, Casement Windows can be opened fully to allow both sides to be cleaned from the outside without anyone coming in to your home. Alternatively, by removing the screen both sides can be cleaned from the inside as well. Best of all, Casement Windows look great in all finishes and colours!

    Custom Windows

    A custom window can make any house stand out in even the most architecturally homogeneous neighbourhood. Ranging in shape and size, these windows can become the centerpiece of a room, both allowing for a great view and making for an interesting fixture in the home.

    Double Hung Tilt Windows

    Double Hung Tilt Windows have two panes of glass, each which fold inward or pop out to allow for extremely easy cleaning. They look fantastic on nearly any home, and in any colour or material. Additionally, the lower window can be removed or raised to allow an air conditioner to be installed safely.

    Single Hung Tilt Windows

    Single Hung Tilt Windows come with all of the same advantages of a Double Hung Tilt Window, with the exception of being able to easily clean the top pane's outside surface from indoors - although this is sometimes possible if the upper pane is short and can be reached by hand from inside. They are very easy to clean relative to other window types, and allow for the installation of air conditioning units. The fixed position of the upper pane also makes Single Pane Tilt Windows more energy efficient and cost effective than their Double Hung counterparts.

    Sliding Windows

    Sliding Windows are easy to use and look great in any room. They can slide and tilt in for easy cleaning, and can last longer due to their lack of springs or pulleys.