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    Front door from outside
    Front door from inside

    Banman Windows & Doors offer experience and knowledge about doors in London, Ontario. We offer professional, affordable and quality products and workmanship every time. Our expert door installation starts with the products we use; We have multiple suppliers we've chosen because of the unique benefits their products offer. We believe that no single door supplier can offer all the advantages a customer is looking for in their new door or replacement. That's why we have researched, and selected the top suppliers for doors and door installation in London Ontario to ensure we meet the varying needs of our customers.

    Entry Doors

    Banman Windows & Doors entry doors in London, Ontario offer quality and selection to help your home make a statement. Our professional, affordable and quality products and workmanship will. Read more about Entry Doors

    Patio Doors

    The selection of quality patio doors in London, Ontario from Banman Windows & Doors are sure meet your needs. Our quality patio doors paired with excellence in our patio door installation, means your new patio door is built to last. Read more about Patio Doors

    French Doors

    French doors, or garden doors allow for a wider opening and allow more light into your home than a traditional door. It is the door that generally opens to your backyard, garden, or haven. Make sure that your doors are keeping what's outside out of your home (bugs, hot air, humidity, etc.). To prevent water or debris from entering your home, proper installation is important. Weather stripping and precise measurements are needed to make the right fit. Banman Windows & Doors prides themselves in superior installation and quality products. To learn more about French Doors in London, Ontario, contact us!.

    Steel Doors

    Give your entry way strength, durability and beauty with steel doors in London, Ontario from Banman Windows & Doors. Some of the benefits you will enjoy with a steel door is increased energy efficiency, lasting durability, added security, weather resistant and easily painted for updated look and style through the years. To learn more about our Steel Doors in London, Ontario, contact Banman Windows & Doors today!

    Wood Doors

    Give your home a traditional, timeless look with Laflamme exterior wood doors in London, Ontario. Banman Windows & Doors prides themselves on their precise installation skills and quality products such as Laflamme exterior wood doors. Their balance of wood and glass flow into the horizon as a beautiful picture frame of the great outdoors. Brass hinges eliminate sagging and give your door a seamless opening and closing function. Locks are located at the top, middle and bottom for maximum security of your exterior wood doors in London Ontario. For more information on Wood Doors in London, Ontario, contact Banman Windows & Doors today!

    Fibreglass Doors

    Generally, the front door is a guests first impression of your home. The door also acts as a barrier against bad weather, a separator between hot air in the summer and cool air inside, and the first thing you see when you come into your home. Fiberglass doors are strong, durable, and protect against harsh winter storms and hot summer heat. They come in a variety of colours and can even be made to look like wood without the maintenance! Call today to learn more about Fibreglass doors in London, Ontario!